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The Worst Place in the World… (So Far)

My Mis-Adventure to Timor West, Indonesia with my Mom

Timor West - The Worst Place in the World | Krys Kolumbus Travel

Why Timor West is high on my “Don’t Bother” List. To be honest, I tend to love the unique, weird and different places. I have a thing for finding the lesser known, off the beaten path destinations. But this is one place I think, shouldn’t be on your bucket list.

Firstly, if you haven’t read the full story, take a quick read on my blog: Mis-Adventures to Timor-Leste, then return here for why I rank this one my Number One Worst Place in the World (So Far.)

Here’s why:

  1. Nimrod.
  2. There is nothing to see / do. Sure, we pretended to visit some “tribes” and “villages” but actually, they were just empty beehives where the locals try to charge you money to purchase their knick-nacks while spitting beetle nut in your face.
  3. The culture is gone, ruined and destroyed.
  4. The people are NOT friendly, helpful or smiley by any means. If you think they are going to welcome you with open arms, its only to try to sell you something or take money from you somehow.
  5. It’s a mess. Trash, rubbish, you name it. Sure it’s not the first place I’ve seen with trash everywhere, but when there’s no nature or beautiful beaches to subside the fact that the place is trashy, it just amplifies it even more.
  6. Nothing works.
  7. Everything is just so-so.
  8. Nimrod.
  9. It’s EXPENSIVE!!! For no reason! Your spending as much on this horrible place as you are sitting on a clean beautiful beach in Bali. Seriously, why?!
  10. The locals don’t want you there and you can feel it.
  11. The food is not good, unique, special or interesting.
  12. There’s no room for you to travel without the help of a local unless you bring your own vehicle to the island (which we saw done) so you are mostly relying on expensive horrible transport (and Nimrods) to “tour you” around.
  13. If you think the towns or cities on this half of the island are going to have interesting things to do / see… your wrong. (No museums, places to hang out, interesting cultural activities, etc.) Most of the old culture of the island has been abolished and what’s left is an odd mix of things that just aren’t working.
  14. Unfriendly people. I know I mentioned this already, but expect lots of cold looks should you attempt to go outside.
  15. Not very safe vibes. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere alone, in the day or night, here.

Ok, so this is a very general group of reasons and I wish I could be more descriptive than that. This is probably one of the few times in my life that words fail me. But if you would like to prove me wrong and go to Timor West with a do-good attitude to prove me wrong… Don’t get upset if all you get in the end is an: “I told you so!”

Here is my list of places that are some of the “Worst Places in the World to Never Visit:” (In no particular order)

  1. Timor West (all of it)
  2. Dili, Timor-Leste
  3. Balkhash, Kazakhstan
  4. Hamirpur, India
  5. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  6. Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Nha Trang, Vietnam
  8. Labuhanbajo, Flores Island, Indonesia
  9. Agra, India (I know it has the Taj Mahal but that doesn’t redeem this place.)
  10. Komodo and Rincha Island (for how the local “rangers” “manage” the island’s nearly extinct animals…)

Kazakhstan, One of the Worst Places | Krys Kolumbus Travel

Photo Taken in Kazakhstan

That list covers it for now. I know some of it might be controversial so here’s why I picked these places: (entirely based on my opinions)

  • Either it was way too touristy / or not friendly for foreigners (I love non-touristic places but some are just going out of their way to cheat you or make you feel like a walking bank if you go there)
  • Horribly crowded
  • Lots of trash / abuse of animals or people
  • Men staring at me in a harassing way (I am a blonde traveling solo, I get it, but c’mon!)
  • Unsafe vibes
  • Dirty, unclean
  • Nothing to see / do
  • No special points of interest or museums or much as far as culture
  • I typically don’t get along with cities so I would also put Paris and Bangkok on this list, though many enjoy the city, I just don’t personally get along with it and would prefer something in the nature or a bit more less-traveled.

There you go! Agree with me or not, this is my list of places I don’t really need to go back.

“Once was enough,” as I like to say.


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