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Two Years of Egypt in 10 Pictures

I lived in Egypt in total for two years. The first in 2011 the second in 2015. Here are some of my highlights. No they are not majestic photos. They are memories. Stories. People. And the essence of why I wanted to live abroad in the first place. Egypt was the first "real" solo experience I had that wasn't a western country. It made me who I am today.

When I first got news that I had been accepted for a job in Cairo, all those years ago, I was terrified, nervous, excited, anxious and ecstatic all in one. My friends and relatives all begged me to stay in America. Some of them tried to scare me with horror stories about women rapes or murders. They tried and tried to keep me from going. I can't blame them. They didn't know the truth. In fact, no one I knew had ever been to Egypt before. How could they know, other than what the media told them? I was 21 years old the day I got on the airplane heading to Cairo. I would have many ups and downs, highs and lows and many learning experiences over the course of the years...

But I wouldn't change it for the world!

My Best Friend & I in 2011 V.S. 2015
Best friends posing at the pyramids in Giza Best friends posing at the pyramids in Giza

That Time I Raced a Camel During a Lunar Eclipse (I won)
Women Expats in Cairo Egypt at night with camels and pyramids Solo Woman Expat Enjoys Camel Racing Lunar Eclipse Cairo Egypt
My Mom's First Stamp in her Passport

Mother Daughter posing together on a felucca boat on the Nile in Cairo Egypt Mother Daughter Travel to Cairo Egypt posing together at the pyramids of giza

Egyptian Culture and History

Woman Traveler Poses with Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Cairo at the Saqqara Pyramids Woman Expat in Cairo Poses at the Saqqara Pyramids in Cairo

The Friends I Made

Woman in Hijab posing with her friend Krystal at Khan el Khalili Nile Felucca Boat Ride Expat Women Travel

Thank You Egypt.
With Love, Krystal

Woman gazes into the pyramids of giza from the saqqara pyramids

The Egyptian Revolution

Expat woman in cairo egypt during the egyptian revolution with a tank

The gun shots fired. My co-worker screamed. Meanwhile the car headlights drew nearer...

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Madagascar Sacrificial Crocodile Lake

Madagascar Sacrificial Crocodile Lake Couples Selfie with Crocs

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

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