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How to NOT Get Scammed While Traveling!


Mastering the art of spotting a con-artist or professional scammer takes years of experience and practice... or you could just take this online course!

Travel Scams Online Master Class | Krys Kolumbus Travel
Travel scams are common around the world, but how do we spot them? And more importantly, how do we avoid getting caught in a scam? Whether you plan a trip to Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, India or Italy, there is something for EVERYONE in this course! Because spotting a real con-artist requires practice, skills and TOOLS. They are never who they seem and the information in this course is something I personally wish I had known prior to my travels!

This course contains lots of videos and personal stories and examples of some scams found in various countries including Egypt, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and more!

This course contains some material found in the Women's Travel Safety Online course, however has a lot of bonus videos that is not found in that course. Any one can learn these skills and it is important to educate ourselves so we don't find ourselves in difficult situations with no cash or means!

Topics / Stories Covered:

  1. Turkey Hot Air Balloon Scam
  2. Kyrgyzstan Tow Truck Scam - Mongol Rally
  3. Cambodia Stolen Motorcycle Scam
  4. Egyptian Taxi Scam
  5. Indian Western Union Scam
  6. African Dating Scams
  7. Police Bribes
  8. Iranian Border Scams
  9. Mafia in Italy and EVERYWHERE
  10. "Voluntourism" and Animal Scams
  11. How to put all this information to practical use
  12. The Moral of the Story
  13. The BEST TOOL to avoid getting scammed!

Course Curriculum:

Lesson One: Asia Scams
  1. Motorcycle Scam
  2. Asia Scams
  3. Western Union Scam in India
  4. The Moral of this story...
  5. Mongol Rally Trailer
  6. Kyrgyzstan Story - A Mongol Rally Tale
Lesson Two: Africa Scams
Lesson Three: European Scams
  1. Mafia, "Voluntourism" & Animal Tourism
  2. European Scams
  3. Turkey Scam
  4. The Moral of this story...
Lesson Four: North America / Australia Scams
Lesson Five: Middle East Scams
  1. Egypt Taxi Story
  2. The Moral of this story...
  3. Middle East Scams
Lesson Six: Final Message
  1. Best Tools
  2. Travel Scams Quiz
  3. How to put all this information to good use...
  4. Final Message
  5. More resources for you

What's included?

10 Videos 1 Quiz 10 Texts
Approx 1 Hour Completion Time


Ananya (USA)
A rather charming course containing great information and a laugh or two
The motorbike scam was entertaining. I believe you have had marvelous adventures and appreciate what you share.


Here are our Top Tips for not getting scammed while traveling the world:


The BEST con artists are the ones who make you believe they are an old friend or someone with a long story to play with your emotions to make you feel close to them. Don't believe everything your told and ask a lot of questions!


Remember that even in England or the USA, someone can scam you and most of the time the police cannot do anything if you voluntarily give a stranger money. It's no different than giving a beggar money and so be cautious who you give your money to!


Always follow your GUT. If your instincts are waving a red flag, even though the situation and person may seem friendly enough, always listen to your gut feeling!


It's not rude to walk away! That is maybe one of the hardest things to do sometimes but just know that walking away is always an option.


Exude CONFIDENCE. Predators target people whom they think are easy to take advantage of (i.e. people who look lost, nervous, not confident, out of place, shy, overly-talkative, and someone likely to believe whatever information they want to tell you.) If you act confident and walk and talk the part, you are more likely to deter potential con-artists. After all, they are looking for an easy target and not a challenge!




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