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Travel Advice Blogs | A Blonde Girls Guide

Traveling since 2010 working with horses has given me a lot of experience when it comes to long-term travel. I also have a ton of first hand experience as a solo female traveler and try my best to offer various ways to empower and encourage women to take the leap and head off into the horizon! When I first started my travels, I didn't have podcasts to listen to or blogs to read about the places I was going. Nowadays there is tons of information out there and I hope to provide as much information and resources available to help you with your travels, whether your a first-timer or a seasoned pro looking to step out into more exotic destinations! I am always happy to connect with fellow women travelers and I hope these blogs and tools will save you from making a lot of the mistakes I made early-on!

Haggling 101 Like a Lady Boss Online Course

Haggling 101 Like a Lady Boss Online Course ​​​​​​​

Krystal shares her tips and tricks in this video course to help give you the tools you need to master the art of Haggling like a local!

Women's Travel Safety Online Course

Krystal shares not only her experiences in "dangerous countries" but she also has a guest speaker, a woman with 20 years experience working with criminals and men committing sex-crimes against women. The two talk about how to stay safe, spot criminals and con-artists and protect yourself by preventing unsafe situations BEFORE they happen!

How to NOT Get Scammed While Traveling the World

Visit Reykjavik Stock Photo

How to avoid getting scammed, cheated, bamboozled and swindled while traveling the world!

Frequently Asked Questions Interview with Krystal

Frequently Asked Travel Questions for Women

Whilst wandering aimlessly in Vietnam, Krystal shares all of her most frequenly asked travel questions and advice in this funny video.

Funny Reverse Culture Shock Memes

Funny travel memes ​​​​​​​

If you've traveled long-term you will face "Reverse Culture Shock" upon your return. Here are some hilarious memes to keep you laughing while experiencing your home with fresh eyes.

20 Money Saving Tips &
20 Job Ideas

Money saving tricks and tips for travelers

Not everyone can afford to travel so I've created this list of money saving tips as well as a list of jobs for those interested in long-term travel!

Travel Podcasts

Podcast Interviews for Female Travelers ​​​​​​​

Krystal has been interviewed on several podcasts where she shares stories from around the world including riding horses in Mongolia, being homeless in India for 24 hours, talking to locals and more. Find all the episodes here!

Surviving Street Food

Surviving Street Food while Traveling

Delhi Belly and more! Krystal shares her tops tips for surviving street food.

Surviving Foreign Languages

Surviving languages in Taiwan

Krystal shares her top tips for surviving and learning languages while traveling and working abroad.

Become a Digital Nomad

Become a Digital Nomad Step By Step Guide for Women ​​​​​​​

In this step-by-step guide I share how to make a blog of your very own and how to earn money from it!

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings for travelers ​​​​​​​

How learning to read astrology charts helped me to figure out about myself and help others to do the same! Get your chart read and book an appointment!

15 Travel Movies to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Travel Movie List to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Here are some of my favorite movies to get those itchy feet moving!

Traveling with Mom

Traveling with mom travel blog

How the woman with no passport came to visit me in the most crazy, unique countries and destinations I could throw at her! Six lessons traveling with Mom taught me.

The Ultimate Bucket List

Visit Reykjavik Stock Photo Ultimate Travel Bucket List | Krys Kolumbus Travel
Here is a list of 150 things to give you some ideas and get you started checking off your Bucket List!

5 Underrated Destinations in South East Asia

If your like me and your tired of the tourist routes, here are 5 underrated destinations not to far from the "backpackers loop" that will leave you speechless!

Liebster Award

Krys Kolumbus Travel was recently nominated for the Liebster Award! This award is given to bloggers from bloggers and Krystal had to answer some questions as well as nominate a few of her favorite bloggers. Find her Q&A here:

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