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Surviving Street Food

In this video, Krystal talks about how she lived two years in India eating street food, brushing her teeth with the local water and basically breaking all the rules your told not to break. She also mentions how this later helped her survive the "Mongol Derby" due to her ability to "Digest Steel." The Mongolian food bug never seemed to catch up with her as she ate and drank with the locals with ease!

drinking rosemary soda the worst drink on earth in uzbekistan during the mongol rally

Rosemary Soda Found in Uzbekistan...
Verdict: Worst Drink On Earth

While driving casually from England to Mongolia in a crap car, somewhere along the way in Uzbekistan we stumbled upon a local soda. It came in five different colors and flavors and everyone picked a different color. Mine (the red one) was actually pretty tasty! (Must have been strawberry or something...) whereas poor Christian on the right was stuck with the green soda. Rosemary Soda. It was horrible and no one could drink it. It has officially made my list of the Top 30 Most Horrible Drinks on Earth. ("Airag" or fermented mares milk in Mongolia is on this list as well and tastes like stinky cheese with alcohol and horse hairs!)

Somsa in Central Asia eating local street food mongol rally solo woman Russian Street Food Packed with Meat
& Questionable Items Found in Tajikistan Verdict: Yummy!

On that same trip destined for Mongolia, I found this lovely meat pie. It's called Somsa and is cooked in a strange oven where the Somsa's are stuck to the wall of the oven and cooked old-school-style. It reminded me of the tandoori style cooking ovens found in India. (Most likely using manure to burn the wood and heat the oven.) The food was hot and delicious and a much needed filler in my stomach after the long day spent driving! I could only eat one or two as they were quite hardy little things, but the men seemed to stuff a few down with ease!
eating questionable street food in cambodia womens travel blog

Eating a "Meat Package" in Cambodia... Verdict: Questionable

Wandered into a random Chinese (I assume) looking restaurant in a random alley with a fellow back packer. The English translations on the menu were just as questionable as the food items so we took a chance and ordered the: Meat Package. I don't know to this day if it was pork, beef, chicken...or something else.
eating street food in india solo woman travel

Eating at your local "Dhaba" in India... Verdict: Delicious!

I used to frequent my local Dhaba's--AKA Street food stalls, on a regular basis while living in India. I lived mainly in Northern India, however this dish in the photo is a typical South Indian dish during my time living and working in Bangalore and Chennai. I preferred the Northern Indian dishes personally but this one was a tasty breakfast food I quite enjoyed!
drinking a local eqyptian tea by the pyramids in giza solo woman travel

Drinking a tea with the locals in Egypt with a Pyramid View... Verdict: VERY Sweet!

While living in Egypt, there just so happened to be a Revolution. My first day to leave the horse stables after a month of lockdown was of course destined for the Pyramids so off we went and enjoyed my first real day out in Cairo. The local tea is black tea with mint leaves and a LOT of sugar! Although its a hot country, the locals drink tea through out the day to stay cool--odd but it works!
Pizza in italy solo female travel blogger street food advice

Don't Mess with Pizza in ITALY. This Pizza is the Greatest Dish I have ever tasted in my LIFE.

I worked in Sicily for about 2 months or so near Messina. There were no blonde girls living in the area and the locals didn't speak English but I was determined to find "my pizza." There were many different pizzas so every week on my day off I would randomly choose a new pizza from the menu. So here it is. The pizza that literally brought tears to my eyes. The Buonissimo!

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