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"Empower Yourself. Empower Others."


"Empower Yourself. Empower Others."

Preparing to take your first step into the unknown? Travelling solo or with your gal pals to a new country, city or destination? TAKE ACTION! Enroll in this course to get all the useful tools and tips you need in order to stay safe while traveling abroad to male dominated countries. Krystal Kelly, is a Californian Expat who has been living abroad the past 7 years. She's lived in Egypt, India, Romania, and survived the Egyptian Revolution, Male dominated cultures and countless taxi drivers, crooks, cons and criminals. She has first hand insider information and skills developed and knows the cultures, religious rules, common scams, dress code ins and outs along with other safety tips based on her seven years abroad travelling solo.
In this video Krystal talks about how she stayed safe while driving SOLO from England to Mongolia in a Crappy Car!

​​​​​​​Krystal is also joined by Sandra Kelly, a leading woman with 20 years experience in Law Enforcement dealing with sex offenders, rapists, murderers, domestic abusers and criminals. She has worked with criminals that committed sex crimes, murder and robberies. She will give a crash course on the criminal mentality and how YOU can stay safe and avoid potential dangers and attacks!

In this video, Criminal Behavior Specialist Sandra Kelly introduces herself and shares her course topics.
This course is a PREVENTATIVE safety course! Because we want to avoid potentially dangerous situations BEFORE it happens. We believe that being safe doesn't mean never going to Mongolia...but going to Mongolia AND being safe while having fun!

What's Included in this Course:

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1: Introduction
Different Learning Styles FREE
What this Course Covers FREE

Lesson 2: Dress Code for Women Travelers
Dress Code
Dress Smarter While Traveling
Victim Blaming
Blonde Girls Guide to Surviving the Dress Code

Lesson 3: Inside The Mind of A Criminal
Introduction to Sandra Kelly Criminal Behavior Specialist
Criminal Awareness and Criminal Traits Chapter
Key Tips to Remember When Dealing with Criminals
Predator Tactics
Sandra Shares a Personal Experience with a Criminal
Travel Story and How You Can Apply the Lessons Learned
Travel Safety Summary
Criminal Safety Quiz

Lesson 4: Scams You Should Know About
Stolen Motorbike in Cambodia | Spotting Scams
Scams in Europe
Scams in Asia
Scams in the USA & Australia
Scams in the Middle East
Scams in Africa
Voluntourism & why it can be harmful
Scams Review Quiz

Lesson 5: Couch Surfing, Hotels and Accommodation Tips
Internet Safety
Accommodation Tips

Lesson 6: Transportation Safety, Taxis, Buses, Hitchhiking etc.
Blonde Girls Guide to Surviving Transportation
Blonde Girls Tips for Surviving Flights:
An Egyptian Taxi from Hell
The Worst Cities with the Most Unsafe Transport Systems in the World
Pink Yak Mongol Rally Trailer
Bonus Footage: Mongol Rally *Russian Car Follows Us*
A few Final Tips on Transportation
Transportation Safety Quiz

Lesson 7: Periods, Sex, Birth Control and Men
Men & Sex
Blonde Girls Guide to Surviving Men
Blonde Girls Guide to Surviving Gyno's Abroad
Tips on Periods and Birth Control While Living Abroad

Lesson 8: Final Tips & Tricks
Sugar & Spice (AKA When to be a BITCH & When to be NICE)
Sandra Kelly Criminal Expert Closing Video
Women's Travel Safety Finale
Empower Yourself to Empower Others Campaign


17 Videos 3 Quizzes 16 Texts 6 PDFs
Approx: 5 hours Completion Time


Laura (Austria)
Must See!
I don’t even know where to begin when reviewing this amazing course. It was so impressive, so comprehensive and so eye opening that it still has me somewhat shocked about the fact of how unprepared I truly was on my previous travels. I’m super glad that I took the time to do this course because I now feel much more confident and empowered. I also have no more fears of going to some of the more exotic countries on my list because I feel prepared and ready for anything that comes my way. I really appreciated all the extra in-depth reading material and highly valued the expert input from Mrs. Kelly as she had tons of practical information and tips I otherwise wouldn’t even have considered. Same goes for Krystal’s tips! By her sharing such personal experiences she really adds value to the community. I can’t stress just how important the takeaways where and can wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone traveling outside of all inclusive resorts!

Sara (USA)
Eyes opened
I just want to say that Krystal did a fantastic job with this course. I one day plan to travel abroad solo and the things that I learned will be a huge asset. Some of the tips and topics I would have never considered before traveling. Now I know what to do in advance to prepare for a trip. I recommend this course for any woman whether traveling solo or with other women. The information you gain is very necessary. You will not be disappointed. Very satisfied and the personal stories add a great touch to help relate.

Mary Lew (USA)
Very informative course, highly recommend!
This is a well-rounded and thorough course, not only for the traveller, but also for any woman who even travels locally alone, to and from work. Krystal gives advice drawn from personal experience, and also from the experience of law enforcement professionals. Any woman, traveling alone or in a group, can gain valuable information on personal safety from this course, no matter the country she travels. I would highly recommend this course for all women, travellers or otherwise.

Jennifer (USA)
Great Course!
This course is great! There is so much information of how to travel safely and it is laid out in a way that is easy to understand. This course is definitely worth the money. If you plan on traveling or have even thought of traveling, this course is a MUST. I would highly recommend this to anyone traveling!

Ananya (USA)
​​​​​​​A rather charming course containing great information and a laugh or two
The motorbike scam was entertaining. I believe you have had marvelous adventures and appreciate what you share.

Grace (USA)
​​​​​​​Amazing Life Experiences: Happy I Purchased!
Krystal Kelly really knows her stuff and I think if you are a woman and plan to travel anywhere on your own you will find this most useful!

​​​​​​​Natalia (Brazil)
​​​​​​​ Very informative course!
’ve been living abroad for a while but travelling solo as a woman always make me feel anxious, I now feel much more confident to explore some of the countries on my bucket list! I highly recommend this course for any woman traveller out there! The real-life stories are a nice touch​​​​​​​

Staying Safe doesn't mean staying at home!

Join Krystal Kelly and Criminal Expert, Sandra Kelly as they dive into the various methods and cons out there. Topics include: Men, Sex, Birth Control and Periods Abroad, Scams, Criminal Behaviour, Sex Offenders / Predators and Victim Blaming. How to avoid / spot scams and con artists and survive accomodation and transportation scams.

Top 10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling SOLO


Always be aware of your surroundings. I can’t tell you how many times I prevented bad things from happening simply because I was constantly aware of my environment (not distracted playing on my phone) and as a result I escaped unharmed.


Look potential Attackers IN THE EYES. Attackers want an easy target, not a challenge and by looking them in the face you emit confidence which will most likely deter them.


Always put your safety first and foremost. Money or trying to not seem impolite to a stranger is secondary!


Use your gut instincts. If you have any hints of red flags going off, LISTEN TO THEM! Get out of there immediately.


Spend a little extra money on a nicer hostel or hotel if the one you booked online turns out to be less than par. I once booked the cheapest hostel I could find and upon arrival discovered that I was dead center in the red light district. The hostel was nothing like the reviews and was a complete dump. I was also placed in an all-male dorm room. Needless to say, I used my gut and relinquished my cancellation fees, marched the hell out of there and got myself a nicer place without any regrets! Better safe than sorry and I was definitely not sorry… ​


Always be willing to change your plan


Be careful who you take advice from. Con artists are smooth talkers. They are very good at seeming harmless, helpful and like your best friend. This doesn’t mean all strangers give potentially dangerous false advice—on the contrary! —this simply means use your better judgement and if something seems off or you start to feel those red flags waving, thank them for their help and find someone else to ask help or advice from.


Be careful with taxi drivers/tuk-tuks. Take photos of their plates (with the driver watching) and always check your map to be sure they are not taking you in a wrong direction or deserted streets. Never get inside a taxi which is unmarked, or “fake.” Every country usually has registered taxis and those are the safest ones to use especially if you are unfamiliar with the new place having just arrived at the airport, for example. Again, it’s better to spend a little extra money instead of take a risk. Once you’re more familiar with the locals and the language and the place, you can deal with these scenarios better.


Find out from the locals what the most common scams or tourist traps there are in the area and avoid them!


When in doubt, ask a local woman for help. Women, especially in countries like India or Asia, understand how difficult it is for a woman in their country and sympathize greatly. They also are familiar with their culture and customs and are generally more than happy to play mama bear and protect you. Women running the local shops or even passing by in the street are almost always operating on the “sisterhood code.” All you have to do is ask!

For more videos and tips how to spot con-artists, criminals and prevent sexual harassment, sign up for our Women's Travel Safety Online Course!

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