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That Time I was a Stunt-Woman for a Werewolf Hollywood Movie in Transylvania

I sit in the chair unnerved as the young woman in front of me applies the glue to my upper lip that will allow the mustache to stick. I crinkle my nose as she applies the hairs to my once bare face as I adjust to the feeling. Being a female my entire life, I never quite imagined I’d be sitting behind the set of an American Hollywood Film—in Transylvania, Romania no less!—wearing a man’s wardrobe.

And it had to be prostitute day. Always, without fail. It seemed every time I got to play a movie stunt-woman…it was prostitute day. (Which was ironic considering this was my first time to be in a movie.) All the women extras scurried around the makeup and wardrobe as they dawned their fishnet stockings, high heel shoes, painted on red lipstick and curly cues…while I was the only woman on set to dawn a mustache. Needless to say, I was determined to work it. Especially considering the gorgeous, blue eyed, tall, dark and handsome film crew guy prepared the set while eyeing me non-stop. We exchanged various smiles and giggles from across the room as I stood in full attire to admire myself.

“Wow…I’m not going to lie to you,” I said to my male admirer, “I’m the best-looking man here!” I winked before returning outside to tend to my horse—the real star of the movie as far as I was concerned.
Stunt women in a Hollywood film on set in Romania
Of course, the British and American actors in the movie agreed with me completely. I mounted my horse and waited for my cue from the Director with the others as the celebrities joked with me. “You’re just jealous because they needed to add me to the movie because there weren’t enough good-looking men with mustaches in this film…” I smiled as the two gorgeous male actors threw back their heads in laughter. Both of them had mustaches, neither of which had been super glued to their faces.

“Just be sure you don’t steal focus…” The British actor flashed me a smile.

I shrugged as I gathered my reins to prepare for the shot. The adorable film crew guy, who had decided to not only bring me a cup of tea earlier that cold winter morning, but also felt the need to sing to me in French, flashed me a thumbs up as I waited for my cue. Everything seemed easy enough so far. Little did I know that lunchtime later that day would have me scrambling to eat my meal without getting food caught in my mustache (harder than it looks.)

I sighed heavily as I looked up towards the sky. I couldn’t believe the irony of the situation. After all, I was an American living in a small village in Romania, on the set of a Hollywood Horror film, about Werewolves, during the full moon, only days away from Halloween.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I think to myself and focus on the task at hand. Not letting my mustache get in the way of flirting with the cute, blue eyed film crew guy.

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