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Featured Podcast Interviews

Krystal has been featured on several podcasts and is available to interview for others! To listen to her podcasts please click on any of the links below!

Whoa Podcast:

Whoa podcast interview with krystal kelly

Whoa Podcast
In this episode Krystal shares her travels working abroad with horses in countries such as Egypt, India and Bhutan. She recaps stories about her Mongol Derby ride in the "Longest and Toughest Horse Race" in the world and she shares stories about how she started the first and only riding program in an entire country!

Travel Tales Podcast:

Travel Tales Podcast
In this episode, Krystal shares her travels and experiences as a solo blonde woman and the difficulties she faced living in countries such as Egypt, during the Egyptian Revolution back in 2011 as well as what its like to be a solo woman in India and how she dealt with the men. She also talks about her time working in Romania and Belgium and encourages others to do the same!

Brown Gal Trekker Podcast:


​​​​​​Brown Gal Trekker Podcast:
This episode was a lot of fun to make. Marinel and I enjoyed a long girl talk discussing how I got started working with horses Internationally, what my experiences were like as a woman in male dominated countries, surviving language barriers, and making friends with locals. We exchange a lot of fun travel stories and I share my tips for women's safety while traveling abroad!

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Surviving Street Food

Eating street food in India may scare some people...but not Krystal! Here are her tips and tricks for surviving street food around the world.

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