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The Pink Yak

One Solo Woman's Journey from England to Mongolia in a Crap-Car

Pink Yak Official Trailer:

​​​​​​Pink Yak Extended Trailer:
​​​​​​​That Time I Exploded My Engine...
The Return of the Yak--Guernsey Video

Travels with Mom

Police Immigration Officers Posing for a photo with Krystal and her Mom

Meet the Woman who until age 45, never had a stamp on her passport...

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Fasting for Ramadan In Egypt

Expat woman fasting for Ramadan Kareem in Egypt

30 Days. No food. No water. Sun up to sun down. My experience fasting for Ramadan.

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My Story

solo female traveler playing holi color festival in india

Hi! My name is Krystal Kelly. I'm a Californian girl determined to see the world from the back of a horse. I've traveled to 50+ countries, the majority of which solo, with the hopes of spreading my passion for horses and travel to women around the world. I have lived as an expat in over 13 countries since 2010 all thanks to horses. Follow along on my quest to see every country in the world!

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