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Money Tricks & Tips

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Money saving tricks and tips for travelers
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When I was in America, I had an apartment, a job (two or three jobs at once in fact) and bills. I had a beat up truck and insurance payments. I had rent due. I had a crappy boyfriend. And then one day I woke up and realized, "What the hell am I doing? I'm not even happy!" So I donated all my furniture to a Good Will, sent the rest of my small boxes to live with my mother and packed a suitcase. Now, traveling doesn't always mean you have to do what I did and leave everything behind. It was the right decision for my life and I never looked back since. And that was back in 2009! However, being aware of a few details that could be costing you money and keeping you from your travels never hurts, so here are a few pointers. And, if you do decide you want to pack everything and head for the horizon, read below!

Money Saving Tips

Money saving tricks and tips for travelers
  1. Cancel your tv dish / netflix etc.
  2. Sell your tv / other things you don’t need
  3. De-clutter your life – sell, donate, give to friends/family or junk it!
  4. Stop eating out / drinking out—no more $4 coffees each morning!
  5. Get rid of your expensive phone, get a cheap smart phone that you can travel with that is sim unlocked
  6. Prioritize your life—what really matters to you? Things? Or experiences?
  7. Sell your car / rent it out to someone --I've even heard of apps that allow you to rent out your car!
  8. Put your house/apartment or spare bedroom up on Airbnb
  9. Pay off your debts and stop adding too them!
  10. Put money in a savings account ($1000 per month is enough in nearly every country to pay for your rent/travel expenses/meals etc.)
  11. Book a one way ticket or a cheap round-trip from a mainstream city like LAX or JFK airport
  12. Pack light
  13. If you can’t afford it, find sponsors / donors to fund a trip for you to help raise awareness for your favorite charity / organization
  14. Have a cause and volunteer to those causes abroad!
  15. Be open minded to destinations that scare you / make you nervous
  16. Travel to cheap countries! I survived on $10 a day while traveling through South East Asia (Including food and hostels!)
  17. Stop making Excuses. It's ok, we all do it from time to time. But know when it's time to stop making excuses and just get out there and do it already!
  18. Splurge on flight tickets, not expensive restaurants or cinema tickets while living at home
  19. Be willing to make sacrifices. Sure, you may need to eat in more at home, but soon your hard earned savings will amass to a travel experience that will make all those pasta lunches worth it!
  20. Stay positive.
"If you think you can, your right. If you think you can't, your right." -Henry Ford
Money saving tricks and tips for travelers

A Few Job Ideas to Work While Traveling

  1. Work on a Cruise Ship/Sailing Company
  2. Freelance Travel Writer / Photographer
  3. Travel Film
  4. Teach English / Languages Abroad
  5. Become a Digital Nomad
  6. House sitting abroad
  7. International work with horses
  8. Find a hobby/passion and contact others in various countries
  9. Give Clinics / Public Speaking
  10. Coach a sports team abroad
  11. Study / University Exchange Programs
  12. Work on a farm/ranch or with agriculture
  13. Be an au pair
  14. Work in a hostel abroad in exchange for free room and board
  15. Give free walking tours in a city you love and get paid with tips
  16. Get a "Working Holiday Visa" in New Zealand or Australia
  17. Bar Tending in Macau
  18. Become a Social Media "Influencer" and get companies to pay you for posts on your Instagram / YouTube etc. This requires a bit of a following first, but can be worth it in the end!
  19. Peace Corps
  20. Work for an NGO (Non-Government-Organization)

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