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How I Got Proposed to After 7 Years of Solo Travel

travel couple marriage proposal in Madagascar on the beach

Christian and I

The second to last night spent in this miraculous country was incredibly perfect. My mom and I had enjoyed a day of shopping, followed up with a nice view of the crystal-clear sea from our hotel patio. We had private bungalows overlooking the ocean and we sat and enjoyed the setting of the sun. My mom went to bed and Christian and I enjoyed a romantic moonlit walk on the beach. Christian and I sat together on the beach listening to the waves and watching the Moonlight wax and wane over the starry sky. After having met him only one year before, I was very pleased with our time together and how perfectly everything had been coming together in both our lives.

It was then that Christian got down on one knee and proposed to me.

travel couple marriage proposal in Madagascar on the beach
We had gone through a lot together in such a short amount of time-what with driving across 20 countries and living in Germany together and moving together to England for his new job, and we knew we were ready for the next step.

My parents had divorced when I was fairly young and for a long period of my life I thought that marriage was never going to be in the future for me. I had had the cold reality of relationships that don’t work dumped in my lap and due to my nomadic lifestyle, I had slowly but surely begun to lose faith in the concept of love. How could anyone ever commit to me when I couldn’t even commit to a country? I had thought. But since I found Christian, I realized that all my fears were in fact wrong-with the RIGHT person. Of course, with the wrong men, it had never worked no matter how hard I tried. Because the reality was, I was a nomad and I could never give up my nomadic ways for anyone no matter how many times they tried to convince me I could.

travel couple marriage proposal in Madagascar on the beach Since I met Christian we have traveled together to almost as many countries as I had traveled solo and all within just one year. He made me realize that committing to a person-the right person-didn’t mean giving up my freedom or my travel-lifestyle or my gypsy-ways. No. In fact, meeting him allowed me the freedom and confidence and security more than I ever had when I was alone!

Christian proposed to me that night in Madagascar and within two weeks we would be happily married. I still take my solo trips, but somehow having him in my life has opened up a whole new world of doors for me and I look forward to this new and exciting chapter. A life of not just going to crazy countries all by myself…but of dragging a man around with me!

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