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Krystal Kelly Interview (2015)

Frequently Asked Travel Questions from Viewers Answered, While Wandering Around Vietnam
*Viewers Subject to Krystal's Hair which grows bigger as the questions unfold!*

Some Examples of the Frequently Asked Questions Answered in the Video Above:

  1. How can you afford to travel for so long? Are you rich?!
  2. You've been to Egypt, India, Uzbekistan, Mongolia...How safe is it to travel solo as a woman?
  3. Do you Recommend Traveling Solo and if so why?
  4. Any advice for anyone wanting to travel?
  5. What about all the bad stuff on the news telling me not to go?!
  6. Do you plan on living in the United States again and settling down?
  7. What's your favorite country and why?
  8. Do you ever get lonely?
  9. Did you find your dang hostel in Vietnam or not!?
  10. Can you share some of your travel highlights / stories?
  11. What's your next biggest upcoming adventure?

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