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Become a Digital Nomad

There are lots of ways to create your digital nomad life by monetizing your blog! Here are a few tips to get you started!

#1 Affiliates
There are lots of affiliate programs out there. Find products or brands that you really like and set up an affiliate link account with them. Then embed the widgets or links they give you to your blog for a small commission. Every brand offers different schemes as far as commission amounts so you will have to research and find the ones that work for you. I suggest only recommending products that you have used personally! This is the best way to make passive income as you simply put the links on your website and let them earn money, however it requires an amount of traffic coming to your website in order to get enough people clicking on your links. Give it time and keep on marketing your blog!

#2 Ads
There are lots of ways to add ads onto your blog. For example, you could sign up to Google Adsense and get paid per click. I personally don't like to use ads as I don't know the products they are recommending or selling and I personally don't like sites that are just trying to make me click ads to read the information I'm after. I suggest contacting companies or products or brands related to the topic of interest for your blog and try to collaborate with them. For example, if you are a food blogger, maybe contact boutique cafes or restaurants in your area and see if they are willing to pay you a small fee for placing their logo or ad on your website. Or perhaps offer to write a blog for them in exchange for a free meal in their restaurant! There are lots of possibilities to explore!

#3 Services / Products
This requires having something to sell of course. Whether you sell your time for a consultancy service or perhaps you make handmade gifts or products on Etsy. Maybe you love playing on Pintrest and are willing to sell your time to build other people's Pintrest accounts on Allow your creative juices to flow and figure out what you have to sell to people!

#4 Online Courses
Are you an expert in something? Maybe you are a great yoga teacher or have a lot of information about traveling with small children. Why not create an online course? There are lots of different platforms out there where you can build an online course. You make the course once but if you market it right then you can enjoy the benefits of earning cash from your courses without doing much.

#5 Social Media Brand Ambassador Campaigns

This one requires a lot of followers on your accounts. I would say at least 10k followers on your facebook page, instagram and twitter. Now although it may take time to build followers there are plenty of groups out there (on facebook for example) that allow you to share your social media links with other like minded people in exchange for #likesforlikes or #followforfollows. Once you've gotten a big enough following, many brands will come to you! In the meantime, try contacting smaller brands that you love and shoot them an email with your niche. You might get a few rejections at first but in no time you will get a few who are willing to exchange free products with you or collaborate with you in various ways.

Check out the Create Your own Blog Guide Below!
Although I've been traveling since 2010 Internationally, it honestly never occurred to me to start my own blog. In fact, I was against the idea! I thought it was silly to write about my travels, after all, I wasn't exactly doing anything special--or so I thought! But truth is, I WAS! But the reason I didn't think what I was doing was so special was this idea I had-and still have-that ANYONE can travel. That's right. Anyone. So stop making excuses! Make a blog, and commit to writing a story every week for the world to see. Whether its about your travels, your job, your experiences, your profession, your passion... it doesn't matter! Because making a blog has opened up doors for me and allowed me to connect with other AMAZING women and travelers and I've realized that I HAVE A VOICE! Just like every single awe-inspiring woman reading this blog (yes that's YOU!) and it's important in this day in age that we women use the power of our voices to speak up and share our passions, our quests, our feelings, our struggles, our adventures and our dreams!

#1 Get Started:

Ok, so first things first, to make a blog your going to need a website Domain and Host. You can very easily find a website which offers free domains HOWEVER I would like to point out that if you do this your blog would look something like this:

This was actually my first blog. It was not very nice, didn't get many viewers and was a total waste of time! (Can you believe I had this thing for two years!) Learn from my mistake and invest in yourself! BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT! So, here's my advice: Buy yourself a domain and host that is respectable, that allows you the freedom to choose the domain you want and actually own it! Think:

Use BlueHost. They are a hosting platform that includes your domain in the purchase price! They are very cheap (starts at $3.95/month) and are easily compatible with wordpress! (So you can build your site on wordpress but still own your awesome domain!)

Click Here to Check Your Domain Availability, then proceed to the next steps!

a woman's guide to making your own blog and becoming a digital nomad ​​​​​​​

#2 Choose the Package that Fits You

After checking the availability of your future Domain name, you will see the price options as shown here, however I might add that you won't want to be renewing your website every month so best to get at least a 1 year minimum.

Become a Digital Nomad Step By Step Guide for Women

#3 Get Your Domain

Again, I recommend selecting a domain that is going to be relevant to you in the long term. You may be a "budget backpacker" now but if you want to upgrade to luxury travel later in life, its going to be hard to do if your website is targeted only for budget backpackers. So think of a name that will allow for your blog to grow!
make your own blog solo female travelers how to guide ​​​​​​​

#4 Account Info / Payment Info / Create a Password

This is a pretty straightforward step, simply sign in your Account info details, your credit card or payment details and make a password! Easy as 1-2-3!
Blog building for women ​​​​​​​ Empowering women to build their own blog and become a digital nomad

#5 Pick a Theme & Start a Wordpress Blog (for free!)

This part is pretty straightforward. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog and it is FREE. Now if you choose a fancier theme with more functions, it will probably cost you but when your first starting out there is nothing wrong with Keeping it Simple! I personally like to have a simple theme but a lot of striking images/content when I look at people's websites rather than have all kinds of special functions or features. After you create your password, Bluehost guides you through exactly what you need to do in order to start a blog. First, Bluehost will ask you to pick a theme. You can just pick a random one or find one that you actually like. You can change it later so it's not a big deal or just scroll to the bottom and skip this step. Remember, there are many free ones available! Click on “Start Building” and choose either a business or personal blog.
Make your own travel blog for women

Congrats!!! You now have your own blog!

Remember to use my link: BlueHost to let them know that you got this referral from me! (Don't worry, it doesn't cost you anything!)
I hope that you found this article useful! And if you have any questions or just want to share your new success with me, I am more than happy to connect with you! Contact Me

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