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women travelers astrology readings and compatibility chart readings I first became fascinated with Astrology Readings and Charts whilst living in India. The Hindu’s still to this day use astrology charts as a very real and very serious way of interpreting whether or not their daughters and son’s arranged marriages will be a successful and compatible match. (Of course the caste and dowry are equally important factors but that’s another topic altogether.) Astrology is not just used to find out whether or not you are compatible with your potential life partner, but to also find out your deepest subconscious and have your personality mapped out for you as an explanation as to “why you do what you do.”

No two people have the same charts. No person has just one influencing star sign. In fact, we have a combination of signs and influences and energy that affects our personalities and why we think like we think and act the way that we act in different aspects of our lives (for example our career or home life or spirituality.) Reading a vague Virgo prediction from a newspaper clipping does not define every Virgo in the entire world because it’s simply not possible for there to be thousands of Virgo’s experiencing the exact same thing at the exact same time. Astrology—true astrology—is much more complicated than that. Take a look at the chart featured here. You will see an outer ring circle with different shapes that represent the different Signs. Then inside the little boxes also known as “houses” there are a series of scattered squiggly lines and shapes which represent the different planets. As you can see, each planet represents different influences and energy and each sign equally a different energy and aspect of our life. Combine them into different “houses” not to mention the “transitions” (where the planets are today and how they affect you currently) or a compatibility chart with you and your partner…it all gets a whole lot more complicated than just a simple newspaper prediction.

Interested in Krystal reading your astrology chart? Interested in a Relationship Compatibility Reading with your partner or love interest? Please send us your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth and set up a video call Skype appointment with Krystal to receive your reading.

Reading Price: USD $50
Duration: 1 hour - 1.5 hour

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