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About Krystal Kelly

I am originally from California, but as a kid I always dreamed of traveling to far away lands. I was passionate about horses and decided to combine my two loves so in 2010, I packed a suitcase and flew to Belgium for my first job overseas. I worked for a Olympic Horse Rider in exchange for food, a bed in a shared room, and riding lessons. It was a life changing decision. I later got a job in Egypt and found myself arriving the day of the 2011 Revolution! Although all the foreigners were evacuated, I felt safe at the horse stables so I stayed for a year!

Later I worked in Romania for 6 months, then onward to India for TWO YEARS. I traveled to Bhutan for work in both tourism and equestrianism and then realized that maybe it was possible to combine the two loves: travel & horses on a grander scheme. I wasn't quite ready then to give up my day job so I got another job in Egypt at a polo club for a year. But living in India and Egypt as a solo blonde woman is very difficult and I got burned out. I booked a one way ticket to Southeast Asia and traveled for six months while plotting my plan to drive a crappy car from England to Mongolia.

I completed the Mongol Rally SOLO. I picked up a few hitchhikers here and there, convoyed with a few teams off and on and actually met my (now) German husband in Azerbaijan! Since then we have been traveling together, but that doesn't mean I don't still take solo trips more than I should!

I believe travel should leave us with a STORY to tell, not just a collection of selfies from the resort pool. Hence my idea to create specialized adventures that give you the chance to have a story to tell your friends back home and leave you with a lifetime of memories. I strive to empower and encourage women to travel, even to countries that scare them. I provide a lot of resources through my own personal experiences traveling to off-the-beaten-path destinations with my equine profession. I have several online courses available, ladies-only group expeditions as well as far too many wacky stories and travel advice from my own mishaps and plunders.

solo woman travel in Egypt and Cairo, girl power pose at the pyramids of giza
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As seen on HGTV and More!

Krystal Kelly has made various appearances in the media including starring on HGTV's House Hunter's International, Oklahoma News Report, ITV (Guernsey Channel News), Oasis Magazine for Expats in Cairo, Drukair Magazine-the official airline of Bhutan, Horseblaze Magazine (India), Whoa Podcast, Travel Tales Podcast, River News Herald (CA), the Jupiter Courier (FL), Horses Magazine (USA) and more! If you are with Press or Media or have a Podcast or Film you would like Krystal to get involved with, please CONTACT US for our Media Kit.

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Certified Yoga Teacher

Krystal spent her two years in India learning about yoga & meditation practices in its purest form (not the gym experience for fitness freaks!) She specializes in yoga for equestrians as well as yoga for people with body pains and injuries! She herself isn't the most flexible and caters to other "normal" people who can't throw their legs over the back of their heads like a pretzel! She currently runs a yoga and horse riding retreat in Bali, Indonesia and has an Online Course coming soon. Join her RETREAT.

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FEI II Equestrian Coach / Trainer

Krystal is a certified FEI Level II Show Jumping and Dressage Coach and also has various certifications from her years of work in the equine industry as a rider, trainer and coach. She plays polo and currently owns a young mare in the UK which she is training for polo! She is also obsessed with long distance riding and endurance, hence her participation in the Mongol Derby in 2014 where she finished! If you are interested in hiring Krystal for a clinic, to develop a riding club in a new unchartered destination or anything related to horses, please check out her equestrian services at:


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Krystal Kelly attending her FEI level one coaching course in lusaka zambia
Show jumping in Romania Krystal Kelly an American Rider from California
Mongol Derby rider Krystal Kelly at the finish line of the longest and toughest horse race in mongolia

Krystal is an FEI Level II Coach, a Show Jumping & Dressage Trainer as well as a Polo Player and Endurance Rider.

"Empower Yourself. Empower Others."

Send Lila to University Campaign

yemeni girl wants to go to college and women empowerment in Yemen | Krys Kolumbus Travel In April 2018, I went on a Secret Trip to Yemen where I met a beautiful family. Lila is 19 and wants to study Geology in the University of Sana'a this year! Because there is no more tourism in Yemen (her father's main income source) he was unable to afford her University fees. I of course wasn't going to let this happen so I rallied the troops and started a campaign to raise her the money! Within 24 hours I raised enough to cover ONE YEAR of her tuition fees but she needs to go for more than just one year! Please read the FULL STORY HERE to find out how you can help and her progress!

Desert Flower Foundation

The desert flower foundation logo for charity supported by krys kolumbus travel Every 11 seconds, a girl in the world is cut. Every third girl cut dies as a result of FGM and many suffer a lifetime of both physical and psychological trauma. With your help, thousands of girls can be saved from genital mutilation. Get involved, learn and talk about us. Learn here about all the many ways you can help:

The Malala Fund

Malala fund logo charity support link for krys kolumbus travel and women travel Founded in 2013, Malala Fund champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. We believe girls are the best investment in the future peace and prosperity of our world. The Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead without fear.

Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse charity in Laos logo and support link We're Big Brother Mouse, a Lao-based, Lao-owned organization. Since 2006, we've been publishing "books that make literacy fun!" Until now, few books were published in the Lao Language. Many people in Lao villages never saw a book. Big Brother Mouse is already changing that, but we still have far to go.

$3,804 Raised So Far!!!

We are passionate about Empowering women and children all around the world! By supporting these charities we hope to continue to empower others. We believe firmly that if you empower yourself, you can empower others and simply by traveling and doing good and meeting people and sharing knowledge and information with your friends and family back home can do a lot of good to help raise awareness and support!

That is why we donate a percentage to our supported charities every time money is spent booking an Expedition with us or supporting one of our Adventures.

In 2018, Krystal is Fundraising for BUTTLE UK by driving her Classic 1989 Pink Mini from England to Italy in an Italian Job re-enactment.

Krystal drives Solo Across 19 countries!

In 2016 Krystal drove SOLO across 19 countries in a crap car she purchased in England for 490 GBP. She finished 72 days later at the finish line outside of Mongolia, after exploding an engine and making a miraculous comeback! Check out her Youtube page for more videos like this to follow along and recap her amazing adventure!



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The Mongol Rally and the Pink Yak in Mongolia with driver Krystal Kelly

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Check out Krystal's Online Courses to help give you Step-By-Step Instructions and Videos to improve your travel skills!

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Krystal LOVES speaking about her passion for travel and horses, especially in regards to empowering women to follow their dreams! Listen to one of her podcasts! She speaks about several topics including story-telling from her own experiences as well as giving solid tips and advice on staying safe while traveling to unique destinations and solo travel for women!

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When I first started traveling, I always kept a Leather Journal close at hand. I would draw pictures, time pass on long flights or just vent to myself after a hectic solo adventure! When you start travelling, you will want to keep records of your travels. Trust me! You won't remember all the details without writing it down! It's also great to look back on years later to feel again the same emotions you had while experiencing your adventures for the first time.
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