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The Italian Job Pink Mini Cliffhanger

Pink Mini Italian Job Cliffhanger | Krys Kolumbus Travel Blog

I’m going to tell you a story, and it involves the Pink Mini, a Castle, a cliff and the Italian Police….

Once upon a time the Pink Mini and her drivers decided to raise money for the Buttle UK by participating in a charity car rally from the UK 🇬🇧 to Italy 🇮🇹 known as, The Italian Job. Their Classic 1989 Mini 🚗💨 wasn’t very modified but it’s bright color caused heads to turn wherever they ended up. On the return journey from Turin back to England, the pair decided to set their GPS to the “avoid tolls and highways” setting. And what a fantastic idea it was! For they discovered a castle on top of the hill.

“This will be a great place to take a photo of the Pink Mini,” Christian said to Krystal, “to raise awareness for our Charity, of course.”

“Of course!”

And so the mighty Pink Mini (apparently passing the “No Entry” signage) climbed up towards the castle. She nearly made it to the top when Christian (somehow 🙄) got himself and the little Pink Mini STUCK. Next to a CLIFF. With nothing but a small wooden beam, probably as old as the castle, between the Pink Mini’s most certain death. (And ours 🤭)

Upon closer inspection the two discovered the Pink Mini’s tires were wedged in a deep hole. No matter how hard they pushed and revved, the small tires simply could not jump the deep hole and instead got closer and closer to the edge…

An Italian couple appeared and the man began to help Christian fill the deep hole with stones that had once been a part of the castle wall. They pushed and pushed but the mini still couldn’t get out of the deep pit on the edge of the cliff.

“Look!” Says Krystal. “It’s the Italian Police!” And sure enough a large Land Rover Defender appeared which oddly enough, had also featured in the 1969 Italian Job film. The Police stepped out and wore their hats. With serious faces they approached. Their new Italian friend translated for the couple, explaining their predicament.

With perfect English the first officer spoke, “Did you not see the No Entry sign? The castle is closed.”

“Oops,” they replied, then Christian spoke up. “We didn’t notice the sign and wanted a photo of the castle and the Pink Mini to raise awareness for our charity cause.”

The two officers looked at the Pink Mini, wedged on the cliff, the castle behind. “I think you got your photo they laughed,” then tried to push the Pink Mini free. They pushed and they pushed and then, the voice of Michael Caine appeared (believe it!) He said, as the Pink Mini teetered on the edge of the cliff, having completed the Job in Turin, “Hang on a minute Lads, I’ve got a great idea...”

The End. If you think they deserve a few bars of gold for their efforts, Please donate to the Pink Mini’s fundraiser page on Just Giving!

Watch the Official Pink Mini Italian Job film trailer here:

Another big thank you to MAHLE Powertrain Ltd. for believing in a little Pink Mini! They are hiring in the UK so be sure to check them out at

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