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The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

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  1. Ride in the Olympic Games
  2. Meet Santa for Christmas in Finland
  3. Fly in a helicopter
  4. Hike to the top of a mountain
  5. Be a stuntman in a movie
  6. Fall in Love
  7. Date a guy with an accent
  8. Visit the Maasai Mara in Kenya
  9. Fly a plane
  10. Eat famous foods in its Native countries
  11. Help someone else cross off their Bucket List Items
  12. Shop in Paris
  13. Kiss a handsome man in a foreign country
  14. Dance to the tango in Argentina
  15. See the Aztec Ruins
  16. See North Korea with my own eyes
  17. See Mount Everest (from a distance)
  18. Make my way through the Amazon Jungle with a machete
  19. Salsa dancing in Cuba
  20. Ride an Ostrich
  21. See the Gorillas in Rwanda
  22. Celebrate New Year’s at the Petronas Tower in Malaysia
  23. Eat food I’ve never tried before
  24. Ride a camel in the desert
  25. Ride an elephant in the jungle
  26. Cross the border into a foreign country by Land
  27. Hold a baby Tiger
  28. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia Turkey
  29. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  30. Be on the News
  31. Laugh every day and smile all the time
  32. Yoga in Bali
  33. Climb to the top of Tigers Nest Temple in Bhutan
  34. Make a funny movie with my friends
  35. Learn to Meditate and make it part of my routine
  36. Love myself no matter what
  37. Learn to do something new I’ve never tried before
  38. See the Lipizzaner’s perform in Austria
  39. Go to an opera and wear a dress with white gloves
  40. Burn a witch in Denmark
  41. High five the King in Holland on Kings Day
  42. Participate in Holi festival of colors in India
  43. Think of something I like about myself everyday
  44. See every capitol city in Europe (Prague, Budapest, Paris…)
  45. Walk on the Red Carpet in Hollywood, California
  46. Wear an Indiana Jones hat while exploring Petra in Jordan
  47. Meet new people and have friends in many different places
  48. Run a marathon
  49. Drive a Scooty Bike in Vietnam
  50. Wear a beautiful dress to a fancy ball at the Hoffburg, Vienna
  51. See every country
  52. Explore Ankor Wat in Cambodia
  53. Storytelling in Ireland
  54. Explore Dracula’s Castle in Romania
  55. Raise Money for Charity - Raised over $2889 so far!
  56. See the “blue flames” Volcano in Java, Indonesia
  57. Visit Christmas Island and see the Crabs
  58. Hitchhike
  59. Watch the sunrise in Myanmar over the Bagan
  60. Witness wild Orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo
  61. Make friends with the “Head Hunters” in Papua New Guinea
  62. See wild Monkeys in Asia
  63. Be a role model
  64. Ride a horse and wear a dress in a parade
  65. Get lost in a foreign country
  66. Talk to local women in the Middle East about their lives
  67. Scream at the top of my lungs
  68. Play Polo in Argentina
  69. Have a Magazine feature an article about me
  70. Sleep under the stars
  71. Visit a new country for the first time with a loved one
  72. Go sand boarding in the Moroccan Dessert
  73. Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia
  74. Ride in a dune buggy in the Sahara
  75. Get in the Guinness book of World Records
  76. Let go of a floating sky lantern for Chinese New Year in Pingxi, Taiwan
  77. Start a horse riding program in a country where horse riding schools don’t exist
  78. Go dog sledding
  79. Talk my way out of Police Bribes in the “Stans” (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc.)
  80. Cross the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan by Ferry
  81. Go to a country no one has heard of
  82. Greenland Adventure
  83. Watch the World Nomad Equestrian Games in Kyrgyzstan
  84. Get a jumping photo at all 7 Wonders
  85. Moonwalk on the Great wall of China
  86. Wear a Sari to a wedding
  87. Be a part of a traditional Ceremony of some kind
  88. Have all my friends and family be proud of me
  89. Dance in a public water fountain in Rome
  90. See the glowing plankton at night in Fiji Islands
  91. Speak another language
  92. Leave someone in need a huge tip
  93. Wear a traditional gown in Japan
  94. Make a wish at a temple
  95. Wear a sumo wrestler outfit and fight
  96. Walk like an Egyptian at the Pyramids in Giza
  97. See the Taj Mahal
  98. Smash a plate in Greece and shout “Opa!”
  99. Visit the Easter Island Heads
  100. Skinny dipping in Bora Bora
  101. La Tomatina—Tomato throwing festival in Spain
  102. Finish the world’s toughest and longest horse race in the world, The Mongol Derby, in Mongolia
  103. Climb my way to Machu Picchu
  104. Visit the Holy land in Israel
  105. See the wildlife in Galapagos Islands
  106. Take a boat down the Mekong River in Laos
  107. Travel with a friend
  108. Visit the Dalai Llama’s Buddhist Monastery
  109. Whale watching
  110. Take the Double Decker bus through London
  111. Follow the silk road in Iran
  112. Camp at the Doorway to Hell in Turkmenistan
  113. See the Penguins in Antarctica
  114. Get blessed by a priest in a Hindu temple
  115. Fast for Ramadan
  116. Participate in a Car Rally across many countries
  117. Pray in Tibet
  118. Take a boat to a remote Island and be one of the only people
  119. Dance with a tribe in Africa
  120. Watch the Manatees in Florida
  121. See the Aboriginals in Australia
  122. Hunt for Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island
  123. Find Myself
  124. Attend Carnival Festival in Brazil
  125. Attend Paris Fashion Week
  126. Go to Madagascar and see the Lemurs
  127. Backpack in New Zealand
  128. Empower Women in Third World Countries
  129. 22 Kilometer Pilgrimage in India…barefoot!
  130. See wild dolphins
  131. Visit the Dinosaur Museum in Patagonia
  132. Watch the Chincoteague Ponies swim from Assateague Island in Virginia
  133. Stay in a 5 Star Hotel in Dubai
  134. Get married in a Palace
  135. Drive a tuk-tuk
  136. Explore the Christmas Markets in Germany
  137. Learn to play tribal drums
  138. Buy a map of the world and pin all the places I’ve been
  139. Rock out at a music festival in Ibiza
  140. Get a tan
  141. Share a cab with a stranger
  142. Zorbing
  143. Turkish Bathing in Istanbul
  144. Sing Karaoke in China
  145. Witness a space shuttle launch
  146. Be a street performer
  147. Live in an Ashram
  148. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
  149. Go to a country that scares me
  150. Travel with My Mom

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