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Celebrating the New Year with a Ball in Vienna

Celebrating the New Year with a Ball in Vienna | Krys Kolumbus Travel
The clock struck midnight, cheering erupted in the room down the hall...

Captured in Brussels

Travel Love Story
The story of how true love finally captured me in Belgium after a 12,000 miles solo adventure from England to Mongolia in a crappy pink car...

Working for an Olympic Stables in Belgium

Riding Olympic horses as a working student in Belgium

​​​​​​​My first international trip abroad to work with horses at an Olympic Eventing Stables. The trip that started it all!

Bulgarian Car Scam

Bulgaria Scam Mongol Rally | Krys Kolumbus Travel

A Mongol Rally story of a close call with a con man...

Discover the Winter Wonderland of Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Estonia in Winter Travel Blog
Discover this city rich in history, architecture, and hidden gems! Learn why you want to add Tallinn, Estonia on your bucket list this winter.

"Little Berlin" - Married to an Eastern German Man

Eastern German Wall | Krys Kolumbus Travel
Christian's village had 44 people in it the day the Communists decided to build a wall, splitting his village in two. His grandmother was 16 years old in 1945 when the Wall came up and it would remain up for 45 years...

House Hunters International Episode

House Hunting in Northampton England

That time an American TV show filmed our House Hunting experience while trying to find a place to live in England as a new couple.

Why You Should Consider Winter Camping in Scotland

Camping in Scotland during winter | Krys Kolumbus Travel
January might not seem like most tourists ideal time to head off to Scotland...then again, we aren't exactly tourists! Here's why you should consider traveling to Scotland in winter.

Camping in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Camping in Snowdonia Wales | Krys Kolumbus Travel ​​​​​​​
I am not what you would call a “camping personality,” but when my husband and I decided to take a small weekend getaway to Wales we decided to camp...

Bought a Classic Pink Mini on a Spontaneous Trip to Wales!

Bought a Pink Mini on a Spontaneous Trip to Wales | Krys Kolumbus Travel
Experts at road trips, Krystal and Christian decided to take a spontaneous trip to the longest named village in the world, in Wales. That's when Krystal noticed HER mini on the side of the road. And it had a unicorn...

Accidentally Invited on a Fishing Boat in Sicily

Accidentally Invited on a Fishing Boat in Sicily

Nemo didn't speak a word of English. And I didn't speak a word of Italian. He pointed at the water excitedly as he tried to get me to understand. I looked around trying to figure it out. And then I saw it...

Banned from Romania & Working in Sicily with Horses

Working in Sicily with Horses

"What do you mean I CAN'T GET ON THE PLANE?!" I stared at the woman at the check in counter.

10 Lessons Taking Yourself on a Date in Italy Teaches You

10 Lessons Taking Yourself on a Date in Italy Teaches You
A handsome Italian man led me to a small pizzeria overlooking the moonlight and the still waves of the Mediterranean. I thanked him for showing me the place before sending him on his way. After all, I was already on a date...

Pink Mini does the Italian Job

Pink Mini Italian Job Rally | Krys Kolumbus Travel
Read the blogs covering the Italian Job rally with Krystal and Christian as they drive from England, make the heist in Turin, compete in special stages, get stuck on a cliff at a castle in Italy, and more!

A Day in Leichtenstein

Liechtenstein | Krys Kolumbus Travel Blog
A family trip in my Mongol Rally car to one of the smallest countries in the world...

Running Out of Fuel & Discovering a Castle

Castle Książ in Poland | Krys Kolumbus Travel

A Mongol Rally Story...

Lost in Romania - A Day in the Life of a Horse Riding Trail Guide

Lost in Transylvania A Day in the Life of a Horse Riding Trail Guide

Riding horseback in the Transylvanian Forest with my first and only customer was probably not the best day to get lost...

That Time I was a Stunt-Woman for a Werewolf Hollywood Movie in Transylvania

Stunt women in a Hollywood film on set in Romania ​​​​​​​

Having a mustache super-glued to my face wasn't exactly how I planned on spending the day...

The Greatest Donut You'll Ever Have - Papanosh in Romania

Papanosh Dessert in Romania

Meet the most delicious dessert...

Accidentally Hired While on a Spontaneous Trip to Romania

Working in Romania with horses | Krys Kolumbus Travel

I didn't know it at the time... but I was about to be "Voluntold" to work with horses during my stay!

Bucket To-Don't List: La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina Festival in Spain | Krys Kolumbus Travel Blog
What they forget to mention about the tomato throwing festival in Valencia, Spain...

6 Hours at the Turkey - Georgian Overland Border Crossing

Mongol Rally Turkey Georgia Border | Krys Kolumbus Travel
A Mongol Rally story of how the Pink Yak became a Yak!