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Blonde Girls Travel Guide to Malaysia

Travel Guide for women traveling to Malaysia
Traveling to Malaysia? Krystal visited Malaysia for a week with her mother. Here is her tips on surviving scams, transport, what to see, the currency and where to stay!

Mongol Derby Essential Packing List

One of the challenging rules of the Derby is that your only allowed 5 kg of gear. This means you have to pack ONLY WHAT YOU NEED TO SURVIVE.

Adventures with Mom:
An Overland Mis-Adventure to Timor-Leste

Mom on a scooty bike in Timor-Leste | Krys Kolumbus Travel Blog

I jumped at the chance to challenge my mom on our mother daughter bonding trip. After all. She had to celebrate her big 5-0 in style...

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Escape from Balibo Fort
A Christmas Adventure

Timor Leste Travel Blog | Krys Kolumbus Travel

We had two options: 1) Live at Balibo Fort FOREVER. 2) Walk the 125 Kilometers to Dili. We chose secret option 3...

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The Ultimate Ladies Travel Guide to Vietnam

Solo Woman traveler in Vietnam posing in Halong Bay

Traveling to Vietnam? Here's a Blonde Girl's Guide to scams, transport, what to see, the currency and where to stay!

That Time I Nearly Drowned Upside Down in a Waterfall

A near death experience when I tried my luck at "Canyoning..."

Frequently Asked Travel Questions - Filmed on Location in VIETNAM

Frequently Asked Travel Questions for Women
While trying to find her way around Halong Bay, Vietnam, Krystal conducts an interview answering some of her most frequently asked questions about solo travel as a woman.