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Krys Kolumbus Travels is a unique "choose your own adventure" tour company which gives you the opportunity to...well, have an ADVENTURE! There are so many tour companies and so many expensive cruises and planners that cram so much into your holiday, you often return home feeling like you need a "vacation from your vacation!" We believe that travel shouldn't be planned A to Z but instead left with some room to get lost, discover places you didn't know existed (much less can be found on google!) have a travel tale or two, and most importantly have the time of your life!

You only live once, so live it up, get a tan, step outside your comfort level, interact with the locals, dive head first into the culture shock and let us take you for a wild ride!
Pink Mini Adventure tour in England with driver and castle in scotland


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Customer Testimonials

Two women taking a jumping shot photo with the Taj Mahal in India
"I've traveled with Krystal in Asia and also in her Pink Mini in the United Kingdom and had an absolute blast! Travelling with Krystal is like traveling with the best friend you didn't know you had. She is such a free spirit yet super organized and always has about a thousand ideas on what to do and explore in any given country. She truly is an amazing person, tour guide and organizer. I look forward to our next adventure and until then can only wholeheartedly recommend Krystal to anyone who’s ready for the adventure of their life!" -Laura (Austria)​​​​​
"Traveling with Krystal is a completely immersing experience in the country. She is very protective of the women she meets on her travels and immediately made me feel like I had known her for years! From road trips in Europe to exploring small streets in Asia, I know that with her I’ll always have the best adventures. I was also nervous about my English but it was never an issue and I had a lot of fun!" -Natalia (Brazil)

Krystal is a professional young woman who took care of the safety of the people she traveled with. She made sure of showing me a great time and the things I found important! She made it fun and informational all at the same time! Thanks again!!" -Michelle (USA)