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Hello! My name is Krystal Kelly. I've been solo traveling since 2010 as an equestrian professional and adventuress.

Although I started my travels working with horses, it led me to some crazy countries! I lived in Egypt during the Revolution and I lived in India for TWO YEARS! I also worked in Bhutan & drove a car from England to Mongolia! I strive to encourage other women to become adventuresses and I give advice and tools to help empower you to travel-whether it be solo, with your partner/friends or with your mom!

Love and Heart Shaped World in the Palm of Your Hands Empowering Women Across the Globe! We believe that if you empower yourself you can empower others. That is why we offer lots of ways for you to step outside the box and travel, not only to help yourself realize your own strength and courage but to raise money for charity as well!


"Where's the Toilet...er...umm....Toilet? WC? Toilette? Pee-Pee? DOES ANYONE HERE SPEAK ENGLISH?!"
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I left California in 2010. My slow travels as an Expat abroad working with horses has taken me to some pretty crazy countries! I've worked in Cairo during the 2011 Revolution, lived in India for 2 years, and traveled to Mongolia from England by car! I have always dreamed of seeing the world and am on a quest to see Every Country!


I traveled with my work as a horse trainer to 13 countries, spending 3 months to 1-2 years in each place. I'm now traveling regularly as a lifestyle! That's right. I've switched to the Digital Nomad sisterhood and I'm here to stay! I give tools, recommendations, advice, guides and support to women wanting to travel!


Once I realized how good I was at romping around the world to often "scary & dangerous countries" solo, I started to drag my mom, friends and now-husband around with me! My mom never had a stamp in her passport until me and now has gone to Timor-Leste with me on the back of a Scooter, Egypt, India, Romania & more!


Going where no "tourist" has gone before! I specialize in "crazy countries" and love adventure! I believe travel should be a story to tell, not just a "vacation." I live for the stories and love to share my passion of travel and horses to fellow women. I hope that my stories will help empower other women to #justgo and book the ticket!


See the United Kingdom the way it was meant to be seen. In a 1989 Classic Pink Mini with your own personal chauffeur, Krystal, the Co-founder of Krys Kolumbus Adventures!

If driving around the English Countryside with nothing but a stack of paper maps and the horizon as your destination sounds like your cup of tea then THIS is the adventure for you!

Limited Seats, reserve yours today! Click here for more info!

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drive around england in a classic car the ultimate ladies road trip


I have launched my first ever online course! Believe it or not, but being a tall blonde with green eyes traveling and working solo in countries like India, Egypt, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia and others has allowed me the chance to pick up quite a lot of life skills when it comes to women's travel safety. So here it is in 18 Videos, 3 Quizzes, 16 Texts and 6 PDF's. I spill it all. The scams I've encountered. (Like the time I saved a stolen motorcycle in Cambodia...) Or the times in India when men would harass me on the street. I share how I escaped some close calls, dangerous encounters and difficult situations. But its not just me doing all the talking. I also have a special chapter with guest speaker, Sandra Kelly who is a retired law enforcement officer. She covers the criminal mind and behaviors. She also shares her experience working with sex offenders and rapists and how they selected their victims. This is not a self defense course. It is a PREVENTATIVE safety course. And I feel the tools I share in this course could help many women interested in traveling. Because I believe that being safe as a woman DOES NOT mean never going to Mongolia. But going to Mongolia AND staying safe!!!

If you are a fellow horse-lover, make sure to check out our sister site: www.krystal-kelly.com

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Hi! My name is Krystal Kelly. I'm a Californian girl determined to see the world from the back of a horse. I've traveled to 50+ countries, the majority of which solo, with the hopes of spreading my passion for horses and travel to women around the world. I have lived as an expat in over 13 countries since 2010 all thanks to horses. Follow along on my quest to see every country in the world!

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